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We’ll soon be entering into a new contract with our waste collection services. Before we do that, we want to know what’s important to you. What do you like and what do you think can be improved?

One issue we’re looking at is how we pick up your garbage. We currently use side-loading trucks and we’re looking at whether or not we should switch to rear-loading trucks.

To help explain the difference, so you can make an informed decision, here’s an explanation of each truck.

Example of a side-loader truck

What’s a side-loader truck?

A side-loader is the type of truck we’re currently using in most places. This type of truck uses a side-arm and can service bins from the street kerb. However, the bins need to be placed in the correct position on the street, on the street side of any parked cars.

In areas where vehicles are frequently parked on the street, we use ‘runners’ who run ahead of the trucks, pulling all of the bins out onto the street into the correct position for collection.

As anyone who parks their car on the street would know, this can mean your car is blocked in by bins on the morning of garbage day. Once the bins are emptied, the runners then return to the bins, returning them to the kerb. However, it can be a little while between pulling the bins out and returning them.



Example of a rear-loader truck

What’s a rear-loader truck?

Switching to a rear-loading truck means Council can offer a higher level of service. Rather than using ‘runners’ to place the bins in the correct positions, rear-loading trucks have three workers with each truck – one to drive and two on the back of the truck. The workers on the back are able to pull the bins from the kerb, empty them and place them back on the kerb.



In Randwick City, there are a variety of living situations – from large apartment buildings to free-standing homes. There are small streets that are filled with cars parked along the side and wider streets, with less on-street parking. Finding a solution that suits everyone’s needs isn’t always easy. We want to hear what matters to you. Please take a moment to fill in our waste survey, so your opinion can be counted.

This survey is open from 24 July to 3 September 2019. If you're a ratepayer, you'll also receive a survey with your July rates notice as well.

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