The results are in - it's a yes for marriage equality

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Mayor Shurey outside Randwick Town Hall

"The majority of Australians have voted for marriage equality. I’d like to say thank you to the 12.7 million who participated in the Same Sex Marriage Survey and ensured that their views were known and counted. This is an important topic, and one that all Australians have the right to weigh in on. I’m incredibly pleased that every state and territory has recorded a majority in favour of same sex marriage and that 61.6% of Australians have voted for fairness, for equality, for commitment and for love.

"It is now up to our Federal politicians to listen to the will of the people and follow through on creating policy that protects and reflects these views. As Mayor of Randwick I will continue to find ways to create a fair, welcoming and supportive environment that reflects the diversity of our community. Well done, Australia!"

Mayor Lindsay Shurey

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