Council supports old-fashioned street parties this festive season

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Randwick City Council will continue its tradition of funding and facilitating traffic control and temporary road closures for one-off neighbourhood events as part of its community-building, ‘street party’ initiative.

Mayor Noel D’Souza says Council is committed to making it easier for residents to come together and connect in authentic, safe and creative ways. 

“Street parties are wholesome and enriching events that bring together a wide cross section of people in the spirit of generosity and inclusion”, says Mr D’Souza.

The street parties program illustrates Randwick Council’s overarching goals of fostering a vibrant and diverse community and creating strong partnerships between Council, community groups and government.

Of the approximately ten applications for street parties submitted to Council each year, the majority of requests are for the month of December.

Council is proud to have removed the red-tape and exorbitant costs that have traditionally discouraged residents from applying for street closures for their Christmas parties.

“We know many residents already hold street parties this time of year. Offering road closures and public liability insurance ensures they are as safe and enjoyable as possible”, said Mayor D’Souza.

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