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Fit for the Future surveys

Randwick City Council has completed stage one and two of a three stage community consultation program that seeks the views of residents, ratepayers and local businesses on the NSW Government's Fit for the Future program.

Council commenced extensive community consultation in early January 2015 to inform and engage locals on what the Government's program means for Randwick City's future. 

Randwick Mayor Ted Seng said the Council has had a fantastic response from the community with more than 8,000 people formally expressing their views. 

"I am so pleased to see so many people understand the need to have their say on this important issue," Mayor Seng said. "We've received over 6,500 completed surveys, conducted a telephone survey of 1000 residents and spoken to many people through our various focus groups and information stalls.

"We are opposed to the amalgamation of Randwick City Council however we are required to address the NSW Government's Fit for the Future criteria by 30 June 2015. Community consultation is a valuable part of this process and will assist us in progressing our required response," Mayor Seng said.

The finding of the consultation are now being reviewed and will be finalised and reported to Council in April.

Stage three of Council's extensive consultation program, including a plebiscite, is expected to commence in May 2015.

More information about the NSW Government's Fit for the Future requirements is available  or Council's website

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