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The Mayor of Randwick, Councillor Scott Nash has this week, with the assistance of other Councillors, successfully secured a number of significant improvements to the CBD and South East Light Rail project through negotiations with Transport for NSW (TfNSW).

The significant improvements and key wins for the Randwick City community include:

Council considered a draft Development Agreement with Transport for NSW that incorporated the above matters at its meeting last night, 26 August 2014. Council resolved to endorse an amended version of a Development Agreement, but a rescission motion lodged today, 27 August 2014, is sending the matter back to a meeting of Council next week to reconsider.

Mayor Scott Nash said the Council is now closer to signing a Development Agreement with TfNSW that helps integrate the light rail project into the Randwick City area for the benefit of local residents, ratepayers and businesses.

"I've been negotiating directly with Transport for NSW in an attempt to secure these positive outcomes.  The Development Agreement will ensure our local residents get more security and more input into how the project will be delivered in our community.

"A number of key concerns have now been addressed through these negotiations, including putting forward Council's view that High Cross Park should not be used as an interchange location. Council will now explore feasible alternative options for the Randwick interchange, which focuses on the use of High Street and avoids the acquisition of medical practices. This is a significant step towards the right result for Randwick City," he said.

"The fact is light rail is coming. It's been approved, and it's been budgeted.  We can choose to do nothing, or we can choose to help make a great project even better for our local residents and businesses.

"We still face some challenges with this project, and I don't shy away from that, but our first goal must be to maximise the benefits and opportunities, while they're available.

"Light rail brings with it many benefits to our area - not just for our residents and businesses - but for the millions who travel to the University of NSW, Royal Randwick Racecourse, the Prince of Wales Hospitals complex and Centennial Parklands."

The latest version of the draft Development Agreement from TfNSW will be reconsidered by Randwick Council on Tuesday 2 September 2014.

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