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Council's tender process

Council is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes in procuring goods and services. It follows Council wide procurement policies, procedures and methodologies based on best practice that are designed to ensure fair, equitable and competitive tendering processes.

Council is also committed to sustainable procurement, and along with many other Councils, a member of Local Government NSW’s Sustainable Choice program.

Statement of Business Ethics

The purpose of this Statement of Business Ethics is to raise private sector awareness of public sector values. It is critical that Council and its private sector contractors, suppliers, consultants, tenderers or business partners have mutual expectations of the relationship. This Statement defines the principles of conduct that are expected of both parties in order to ensure the integrity and professionalism of both organisations is enhanced and is a statement of Council's values and systems of accountability.
Link to Council's Statement of Business Ethics

Current Tenders

Tender Number: T2020-12
Tender Title: CCTV and Access Control Infrastructure and Services
Tender Scope: Council is seeking Tenders for CCTV, Alarm System and Access Control design,  installation and maintenance; support and monitoring.  This does not include any physical security services such patrols, guards or cash handling.
Tender documents: Download free of charge from tenders.net
Tender Meeting: 2pm Tuesday 10 December 2019 at the Randwick Administration Centre, 30 Frances Street Randwick
Closing Date: 2pm Tuesday 28th January 2020.
Contact Officer: Anthony Collis, Manager Technology Systems
Contact Details: 02 9093 6560 or anthony.collis@randwick.nsw.gov.au

Current Request for Quotation & Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest Number: Nil.
Expression of Interest Title: Nil.
Expression of Interest documents can be downloaded free of charge from Tenders.net
Closing Date: Nil.
Contact Officer: Nil.
Contact Details: Nil.

How to obtain a tender or quotation document

To obtain an electronic copy of tender/quotation documents free of charge, please go to Tenders.net

If you are experiencing difficulties with obtaining tender documentation from tenders.net or need assistance, please call the tenders.net Help Desk who will assist you further. Details are:

Submitting a tender/quotation response


Tenders must be submitted electronically, though some may have the option for a manual submission.Electronic submissions should be clearly identified and lodged via Tenders.net by the closing date and time. Tenders may not be submitted by email or verbally.

Council staff accept no responsibility for lodgement and late submissions will not be accepted.


Quotations must be submitted electronically and instructions on how to submit them will be detailed in the Request for Quotation documents. All quotation submissions must be received no later than the closing date and time.

Council staff accept no responsibility for lodgement and late submissions will not be accepted.

Guide to Lodging a Submission on Tenders.net

Closed Tenders & Quotations

Tender Number: Nil
Tender Title: Nil. 
Closed: Nil
Submissions received from:

Awarded Tenders & Quotations

Tender Number: T2020-05
Tender Title: Des Renford Leisure Centre (DRLC) 25m Competition Pool Resurfacing
Date Awarded: 26 November 2019

Awarded to: Wright Pools NSW Pty Ltd

Tender Number: T2020-06
Tender Title: Frenchmans Bay Reserve Playground Upgrade
Date Awarded: 26 November 2019
Awarded to: GJs Landscapes Pty Ltd

Tender Number: T2020-07
Tender Title: Council Building Cleaning Services
Date Awarded: 10 December 2019
Awarded to:

  • SKG Cleaning Services Pty Ltd
  • Solo Services Group Australia Pty Ltd
  • Storm International Pty Limited

Tender Number: T2020-09
Tender Title: Maroubra Beach Stormwater Harvesting System
Date Awarded: 26 November 2019
Awarded to: MMA Civil Contractors

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