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Council's tender process

Council is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes in procuring goods and services. It follows Council wide procurement policies, procedures and methodologies based on best practice that are designed to ensure fair, equitable and competitive tendering processes.

Council is also committed to sustainable procurement, and along with many other Councils, a member of Local Government NSW’s Sustainable Choice program.

Statement of Business Ethics

The purpose of this Statement of Business Ethics is to raise private sector awareness of public sector values. It is critical that Council and its private sector contractors, suppliers, consultants, tenderers or business partners have mutual expectations of the relationship. This Statement defines the principles of conduct that are expected of both parties in order to ensure the integrity and professionalism of both organisations is enhanced and is a statement of Council's values and systems of accountability.
Link to Council's Statement of Business Ethics  PDF, 44.78 KB

Current Tenders

Tender Number: Nil.
Tender Title: Nil.
Tender documents can be downloaded free of charge from Tenderlink.
Tender Closing Date: Nil..
Contact Officer: Nil.
Contact Number: Nil.
Site Meeting: Nil.

Current Request for Quotation & Expression of Interest

Quotation Number:Nil.
Quotation Title: Nil.
Quotation Closing Date: Nil.
Contact Officer: Nil.
Contact Number: Nil.
Link to Quotation documents:

How to obtain a tender or quotation document

To obtain an electronic copy of tender/quotation documents free of charge, please go to Tenderlink.

Submitting a tender/quotation response

Tenders must be submitted electronically, though some may have the option for a manual submission.

Electronic submissions should be clearly identified and lodged via Tenderlink by the closing date and time. Tenders may not be submitted by facsimile, email or verbally.

Council staff accept no responsibility for lodgement and late submissions will not be accepted.


Quotations must be submitted electronically and detailed instructions on how to submit them will be detailed in the Request for Quotation documents. All quotation submissions must be received no later than the closing date and time.

Council staff accept no responsibility for lodgement and late submissions will not be accepted.

Closed Tenders & Quotations

Tender Number: T2018-26
Tender Title: Coastal Walkway Construction NSW Golf Course
Tender Closed: Tuesday 3 April 2018

Submissions received from:

  • Antoun Civil Engineering (Aust) Pty Ltd
  • Brefni Pty Ltd
  • Every Trade Building Services Pty Ltd
  • Statewide Civil Pty Ltd

Tender Number: T2018-21
Tender Title: Leisure Centre Management System
Tender Closed: Tuesday 6 March 2018.
Submissions received from:

  • GreeneDesk
  • Jonas Leisure
  • Links Modular Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Perfect Gym Solutions Pty Ltd

Tender Number: T2018-12
Tender Title: Infrastructure Services Schedule of Rates.
Tender Closed: Wednesday 8 November 2017

Submissions received from:

  • ACE Materials Handling Pty Ltd
  • Acland Group Pty Ltd
  • Alco Pump Maintenance Pty Ltd
  • Aqua Assets
  • Aussie-Drain  Pty Ltd
  • Australasian Safety Services
  • Bega Concrete Tanks Pty Ltd
  • Bluedog Fences Australia Pty Ltd
  • Brooks NSW Pty Ltd
  • Cleanaway Waste Management Limited (Head Entity)
  • Competitive Pest Control Pty Ltd
  • Consulting Coordination Australia Pty Ltd ATF The CCEP Australia
  • Flick Anticimex Pty Ltd
  • Ford Civil Contracting Pty Ltd
  • Giltej Administration Pty Ltd T/A Jay Transport
  • GPP Excavation & Demolition Contractors Pty Ltd
  • Harnleigh Pty Ltd
  • Henry & Hymas
  • HydroPlan
  • Infraworks
  • Innaco Pty Ltd
  • Integrated Environmental Pty Ltd
  • John Coulston Electrics Pty Ltd
  • JTA Health Safety & Noise Specialists Pty Ltd
  • KATOPA HOLDINGS PTY LTD T/A CBD Mechanical Electrical
  • Kealec Pty Ltd t/a Sportz Lighting
  • KP Electric (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Living Turf
  • Master Blaster (NSW) Pty Ltd
  • Mastercut Concrete Aust Pty Ltd
  • McDonnell Considine Digby Pty Ltd
  • Murphys Group Services Pty Ltd
  • NAC Services Pty Ltd
  • Northern Fencing Specialists Pty Ltd
  • Online Pipe and Cable Locating Pty Ltd
  • Optimal Stormwater Pty Ltd
  • P & C Fencing Pty Ltd
  • Pickford & Rhyder Consulting Pty Ltd
  • Playfix Pty Ltd
  • Plumbing Rules
  • Prime Pumps Pty Ltd
  • R&N Paddison Pty Ltd
  • Rapid Map Global
  • REES Electrical Pty Ltd
  • Rootzone Australia pty ltd
  • Ross Mitchell and Associates
  • Safe Pest Control
  • Sales Personnel Australia Pty Ltd T/A Manly-Warringah Pest Control
  • SP Power
  • Strategic Pest Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Sydney Electrical & Data Pty Ltd
  • TFH Hire Services Pty Ltd
  • The Australian Grinding Company Pty. Ltd.
  • The Drain Man (Aust) Pty Ltd
  • The Green Horticulture Group Pty Ltd
  • The Trustee for the Thacker Trust T/as MT Plumbing
  • Total Drain Cleaning Services Pty Ltd
  • Total Water Pty Ltd
  • Two Forty Pty Ltd
  • Universal Mobile Tower Hire
  • Veolia Environmental Services (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Water Brothers Services Pty Ltd
  • Water Wise Consulting
  • Watertight Group Pty Limited

Awarded Tenders & Quotations

Tender Number: T2018-16
Tender Title: Heffron Park Tennis Centre Package B Clubhouse Building Construction
Tender Awarded: 27th March 2018

Tender Awarded to J+CG Constructions Pty Ltd

Tender Number: T2018-18
Tender Title: Maintenance of Air Conditioning Systems
Tender Awarded: 27th March 2018

Tender Awarded to Amek Engineering Pty Ltd

Tender Number: T2018-24
Tender Title: Multifunction Print Devices
Tender Awarded: 27th March 2018

Tender Awarded to Sharp Corporation of Australia Pty Ltd

Tender Number: T2018-08
Tender Title: Materials Supply & Disposal
Tender Awarded: 27th February 2018
Tender Awarded to:

  • Arborgreen Landscape Products
  • Australian Growing Solutions
  • Benedict Sand & Gravel
  • Bingo Waste Services Pty Ltd
  • Giltej Administration T/A Jay Transport Pty Ltd
  • GPP Excavation and Demolition Contractions Pty Ltd
  • URM Environmental Services Pty Ltd

Tender Number: T2018-15
Tender Title: Civic Signage
Tender Awarded: 27th February 2018
Tender Awarded to:

  • Central Signs Pty Ltd
  • Cunneen Signs
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