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Randwick City Council welcomes the NSW Heritage Council's recommendation to list McIver's Ladies Baths at Coogee on the State Heritage Register.

Randwick Mayor Murray Matson said McIver's Ladies Baths is the last remaining women's-only seawater pool in Australia and has been continuously used by female bathers since it was established in 1876.

"The Ladies Baths is also historically significant as it was used as a training facility by Mina Wylie, one of Australia's first female Olympic swimmers at the Stockholm Games in 1912," said the Mayor.

"Currently managed by the Randwick and Coogee Ladies Swimming Club, McIver's Baths is used by many women, young and old, in the local community.

"It is well screened from the public and provides female swimmers with a more private swimming experience than nearby Wylies Baths or Coogee Beach. This is particularly important for women from certain religious and cultural groups.

"Placing McIver's Ladies Baths on the State Heritage Register will ensure future generations of women from Randwick City and broader Sydney have a secluded and private place to swim."

Randwick Council has long recognised the heritage value of McIver's Ladies Baths, listing it as a heritage item in the Council's Local Environment Plan in the 1990's.

The State Government granted the pool an exemption from the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Act in 1995.

Published: 15 March 2011