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Date published: 23 August 2012

In an innovative partnership of sustainability and green technology, Randwick City Council has begun trialling the new Nissan LEAF electric car.

The Nissan LEAF is the world's first mass produced electric vehicle, with sales so far exceeding 27,000 worldwide. The car runs on electricity and once fully charged, runs for approximately 150 kilometres.

The car, on loan from Nissan Motors, will be used by the Mayor for official Council business, and as a staff pool car.

Randwick Mayor Councillor Scott Nash said that Council's early adoption of the electric vehicle demonstrated Council's green credentials.

"Here at Randwick, we take our commitment to the environment very seriously, and we're proud to be a leader in sustainability.

"There's no doubt electric vehicles will continue to grow in popularity and for us, an inner city council, they're a great choice given most of our trips are less than 10km.

"I understand we are the first council in NSW to use a Nissan LEAF, and we think this car will be a great addition to our fleet, which already includes hybrid vehicles.

"The car will emit zero tailpipe emissions, and the electricity that powers the car will be 100 % GreenPower supplied by Origin.

Two ChargePoints for the car have been installed by Origin - one in the basement of Council's Administration Building, the other at the Prince Henry Centre at Little Bay.

Chris Giaouris, Retail Executive at Origin, said they were pleased to be part of the pilot.

"Origin looks forward to working with Randwick City Council to encourage the take up of more electric vehicles in Australia, and we will match the electricity consumed by Council to charge the LEAF with government accredited 100% GreenPower," he said.

John Watson, State Fleet Sales Manager for Nissan, was also on hand when Mayor Scott Nash received the car today:

"Nissan Fleet have partnered with Randwick City Council for the evaluation of electric vehicles for fleet applications; the excitement surrounding the Nissan LEAF is now a reality," he said.

Mayor Scott Nash received the Nissan LEAF on behalf of Council this morning.

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