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Residents using commercial fitness trainers in public parks and beaches should ask to see their trainer's council permit, Randwick Mayor Murray Matson said today.

"If you use a trainer with a council permit, a part of your fee will go back into maintaining the area you train on and you'll also have the comfort of knowing that your trainer has public liability insurance and a senior first aid certificate," Mayor Matson said.

Randwick City Council adopted a Commercial Fitness Trainers Policy at its meeting on Tuesday 26 July.

Mayor Matson said the changes support and encourage outdoor fitness training while protecting the amenity of local residents living close to beaches and parks.

Under the policy:

  • training is permitted in all non-beachside parks with Council approval
  • training is permitted on Coogee Beach, Maroubra Beach, Malabar Beach, Goldstein Reserve Coogee and Arthur Byrne Reserve Maroubra with Council approval
  • fitness training groups are limited to 10 people
  • training is not allowed within 100 metres of people's homes in beachside areas
  • training is not permitted before 6am or after 7:30pm
  • amplified music and aggressive and intimidating style boot camps are not allowed
  • training is prohibited in Grant Reserve, Coogee because of ongoing complaints.

"The policy strikes a reasonable balance between supporting outdoor fitness training as a healthy and popular activity while limiting any noise impacts on nearby residents," Mayor Matson said.

Randwick City Council has been working closely with commercial fitness operators and the industry body Fitness Australia to discuss and resolve issues.

"Council has also changed its fee structure for commercial fitness groups to a fairer user pay situation where commercial fitness trainers pay per session for use of public parks and beaches," Mayor Matson said.

"These are very reasonable fees of $2 for a group of five or less and $6 for a group of six to 10 people."

"Millions of people use our parks and beaches every year. We've got the hard job of balancing the needs of all different types of park users including residents, walkers, joggers, families, parents with prams, dog owners and commercial fitness operators."

Randwick Council Rangers conduct regular patrols of beachside parks and check permits held by commercial trainers.

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Published: 27 July 2011