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Operational Plan
Resourcing Strategy
Budget reports
Quarterly reports
The Randwick City Plan
An Inclusive Randwick City
Sustaining our City Plan
Privacy Management Plan
Equity and Diversity Plan
Asset Management Plan
Sustaining our City Plan
Pesticides Use Notification Plan (interim)

Operational Plan

This plan deal with Council's works and financial plans, including five year financial projections, during a particular year. Randwick City Council Management Plans are available for viewing as PDF (Portable Document Format) files by clicking on the links below.

Randwick City Council Operational Plan 2014-15 (pdf 6Mb)

Randwick City Council Operational Plan 2013-14 (pdf 4.7Mb)

Randwick City Council Management Plan 2009-13 and 2012-13 Operational Plan (pdf 4.48MB)

Randwick City Council Management Plan 2009-13 and 2011-12 Operational Plan
(pdf 6.63MB)
 Randwick City Council Management Plan 2009-13 and 2010-11 Operational Plan
(pdf 6.47MB)
Randwick City Council Management Plan 2009-2013 (pdf 1.28MB)
Randwick City Council Management Plan 2008-2012 (pdf 1.04MB)
Randwick City Council Management Plan 2007-2011 (pdf 2.13MB)
Randwick City Council Management Plan 2006-2009 (pdf 3.25MB)
Randwick City Council Management Plan 2005-2008 (pdf 444 kb)
Randwick City Council Management Plan 2004-2007 (pdf 441 kb)
Randwick City Council Management Plan 2003-2006 (pdf 404 kb)
Randwick City Council Management Plan 2002-2005 (pdf 530 kb)
Randwick City Council Management Plan 2001-2004 (pdf 473 kb)
Randwick City Council Management Plan 2000-2003 (pdf 376 kb)

Resourcing Strategy

The Randwick City Plan (pdf 5Mb)
The Resourcing Strategy Executive Summary (pdf 743 kb)
The Long Term Financial Plan (pdf 1.30MB)
The Asset Management Strategy (pdf 1.74Mb)
The Workforce Plan (pdf 2Mb)

Budget reports

Adopted Budget 2013 - 2014 (pdf 2.13MB)
Adopted Budget 2012 - 2013 (pdf 234 kb)
Adopted Budget 2011 - 2012 (pdf 2.5Mb)
Adopted Budget 2010 - 2011 (pdf 6.1Mb)
Adopted Budget 2009 - 2010 (pdf 2Mb)

Quarterly reports

Each quarter Randwick City Council reports on the progress in implementing the Management Plan.

Quarterly reports

The Randwick City Plan

20 year Randwick City Plan (pdf 5Mb)

The Randwick City Plan sets the direction for Randwick City over the next 20 years. The Plan comprises five broad interrelated themes:

  • A Sense of Community
  • Places for People
  • A Prospering City
  • Moving Around
  • Looking After Our Environment

Background studies of the Randwick City Plan are available for download

Achievements by 2025

Through the City Plan and in partnership with the community, Council will have achieved:

  • leadership in sustainability
  • a vibrant and diverse community
  • an informed and engaged community
  • excellence in urban design and development
  • excellence in recreation and lifestyle opportunities
  • a liveable City
  • heritage that is protected and celebrated
  • a strong local economy
  • integrated and accessible transport
  • a healthy environment.

A Snapshot of the key actions

To make these achievements a reality, Randwick City Plan sets out key strategic actions to:

  • develop and implement a cultural plan
  • upgrade and build multi-purpose community facilities in key locations throughout our City
  • seek a higher capacity public transport system, such as light and/or standard rail, through lobbying of the State Government
  • establish effective and sustainable development controls
  • deliver an economic development strategy
  • advocate the return of Malabar headland as community open space
  • create continuous coastal walkway from Clovelly to Botany Bay
  • transform Anzac Parade into one of Sydney's grand boulevards
  • divert 66 per cent of the City's waste away from landfill by 2014.

How will Randwick City Plan be implemented?

The Plan is being implemented through Council's annual Management Plan.
Council will report on progress in delivering the City Plan commitments through its annual report. Council will undertake a major review of the plan to reflect the changing community aspirations and demographic information, technological advances, and to respond to ongoing studies.

The City Plan and related documents

This was the first long term strategic plan for our city. It was the result of five years of research, extensive community consultation and preparation of background studies.

The Randwick City Plan (2006) (pdf 2593 Kb)

For further information on The Randwick City Plan contact us.

An Inclusive Randwick City

An Inclusive Randwick City is our 10 year Plan to enhance opportunities for people living within Randwick City to be able to participate and be actively involved in community life. The Plan is aimed primarily at those who experience social exclusion and disadvantage.

An Inclusive Randwick City (pdf 6MB) 

Sustaining our City  

Proposed 5-year Environmental levy program (2014-19)

Sustaining our City 5 Year Environmental Program (731KB)

The Randwick City Plan reflects the community's aspirations for the future. It is based on the extensive research, input from the ongoing and well thought out community engagement processes that are in place and reflects the changes in community expectations as captured through biennial community surveys. It is also based on the knowledge that Council has about its community and the local area. It reflects NSW 2012, the ten year State Plan, the Metropolitan Plan for Sydney 2036 and other key relevant State and regional plans and integrates with key internal documents such as the new Local Environment Plan and Development Control Plans.

The outcomes and directions in the Randwick City Plan direct the specific strategies that we develop in our Sustaining our City program.

 Privacy Management Plan 

Section 33 of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act (PPIPA) requires each public sector agency to prepare and implement a Privacy Management Plan.

Randwick Council's Privacy Management Plan incorporates:

  • an introduction to the Act and to personal information;
  • details about personal information held by Council;
  • the information protection principles as set out in the relevant legislation;
  • a list of Public Registers held by Council and specific purposes relating to their use;
  • procedures that Council will use for internal review of privacy complaints; and
  • the role of Council's Privacy Contact Officers.

Randwick Council's Privacy Management Plan was adopted at the 12 December 2006 Council Meeting and is available for viewing and downloading by clicking on this link: Privacy Management Plan (pdf 318 kb).

Equity and Diversity Plan

The Randwick City Council Equity and Diversity Management Plan is an integral component of Council's commitment to establishing and maintaining employment equity and a working environment free of discrimination. The Equity and Diversity Management Plan complements our Management Plan and outlines our strategies to achieve equity.

Legislative Requirements

Both Federal and State legislation define the Council's obligations. The Local Government Act 1993 requires Councils to prepare and implement an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Management Plan which will:

  • Eliminate and ensure the absence of discrimination on the grounds covered by the Act
  • Promote equal employment opportunities for identified groups.

Charter of Public Service in a Culturally Diverse Society

Our Equity and Diversity Management Plan has been developed based on the seven best practice principles defined in the Commonwealth's Charter of Public Service in a Culturally Diverse Society. The principles as stated in the Charter are:
Government services should be available to everyone who is entitled to them and should be free of any form of discrimination on the basis of a person's country of birth, language, cultural race or religion.
Government services should be developed and delivered on the basis of fair treatment of clients who are eligible to receive them.
Government service providers should use strategies to inform eligible clients of services and their entitlements and how they can obtain them. Providers should also consult with their clients regularly about the adequacy, design and standard of government services.
Government services should be sensitive to the needs and requirements of clients from diverse language and cultural backgrounds, and responsive as far as practicable to the particular circumstances of individuals.
Government service providers should be results oriented focused on meeting the needs of clients from all backgrounds.
Government service providers should optimise the use of available public resources through a user responsive approach to service delivery, which meets client needs.
Government service providers should have a reporting mechanism in place, which ensures they are accountable for implementing Charter objectives for clients.

Equity and Diversity Committee

While the General Manager is responsible for compliance with all statutory responsibilities and for the adoption of diversity management practices, the Equity and Diversity Committee has been established to provide strategic and practical advice on equity and diversity matters to the General Manager, community and our staff. The Committee will provide support through:

  • Fostering a culture that values and responds to the diversity of the community and our staff
  • Development and championing of the Council's EEO and Diversity Management Plans
  • Identification and recommendation of options for the elimination of discriminating practices
  • Leads the organisation through change by capitalising on the diversity of our workforce.

Randwick City Council Equal Employment Opportunity Policy: summary statement

Randwick City Council is committed to the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity and creating an equitable work environment. This is supported by our commitment to:

  • the application of statutory requirements and related policies
  • the implementation of Council's EEO Management Plan.

We are committed to fostering a culture that values and responds to the diversity of our staff and community together with the identification and implementation of proactive options for the elimination of discriminating practices.

In fulfilling this policy the Council aims to eliminate and ensure the absence of direct, systemic and indirect discrimination on the grounds of:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Transgender status
  • Homosexuality
  • Marital status
  • Pregnancy
  • Carers responsibilities
  • Race, ethnic or ethno-religious background, decent or nationality
  • Disability
  • HIV/AIDS status.

The policy also seeks to establish an equitable working environment in relation to:

  • Access to services and information
  • Transparent decision making
  • Recruitment
  • Development
  • Advancement
  • Conditions of employment.

Structure of the Equity and Diversity Plan

The Equity and Diversity Plan has been developed with reference to current demographics and business directions of Council. The plan outlines objectives, strategies and performance indicators together with the departments responsible for the achievement of our goals.

The Equity and Diversity Plan spans a three-year period from 2001 to 2003 and will be reviewed in line with the review process outlined in Council's Management Plan. Following the annual review an Equity and Diversity Management Plan report will be produced assessing the progress of the objectives of the Plan and make recommendations to address any issues identified.

The objectives of the Equity and Diversity Management Plan will be allocated to areas of responsibility through the Operational Plans that form part of the Management Planning structure. This will ensure that the Equity and Diversity Management Plan continues to support the business directives of the Council.

Asset Management Plan

Asset Management Plans promote management of infrastructure assets over the lifecycle of the asset in the most cost-effective manner to provide a specified level of service.

The Road Pavement Asset Management Plan has been prepared and adopted by Council, and plans for other assets are in preparation.

Road Pavement Asset Management Plan

The Road Pavement Asset Management Plan documents Council's current road pavement asset management practices and strategies, identifies deficiencies, recommends areas for progressive improvement and models the most appropriate management of Council's road pavement assets into the future.

Asset Management Strategy  (pdf 1.7Mb)
Buildings Asset Management Plan 2013-32 (pdf 2.3Mb)
Stormwater Drainage Asset Management Plan 2013-32 (pdf 3.6Mb)
Footpaths Asset Management Plan 2013-32 (pdf 3.2Mb)
Kerbs and Gutter Asset Management Plan 2013-32 (pdf 3.5Mb)
Open Space Asset Management Plan 2013-32 (pdf 3.4Mb)
Roads Asset Management Plan 2013-32  (pdf 3.1Mb)

Pesticides Use Notification Plan (Interim)

The Pesticides Use Notification Plan is based on the principle that people have the right to know when pesticides are used in public places so they can then make informed choices about their exposure to pesticides. The Plan describes how Council will notify the community when Council or its contractors use pesticides in Council controlled public places.

Pesticide Use Notification Plan (pdf 170 kb)

This Plan is line with recent changes to the State Government's Pesticides Regulation 1995. For information on the new law for notifying the community when public authorities use pesticides in public places go to:

Notifying use in public places