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Residents and property owners can make a contribution to Council's decision making through their local precinct meetings. Council provides precinct meetings with details about proposed projects and plans and welcomes comments. Precinct meetings are also one way for local residents to raise community concerns with Council.

There are 11 precincts in the City of Randwick. They are convened by residents and supported by Council. Any resident or property owner in a precinct area can attend a precinct meeting, take part in discussions, and vote on resolutions.

Precinct Rules and Procedures Policy (pdf 137kb). These updated Precinct Rules and Procedures were endorsed and adopted by the Council on 27 March 2012 after extensive consultations with the Precincts and the Precinct Coordination Committee.

Precinct Boundaries Map (pdf 2 Mb)

For further information on Precinct meetings, contact us.

Clovelly Precinct

Clovelly Senior Citizens Centre
42 Arden Street
Meeting dates for 2014:
3 February  Minutes (pdf 181KB)    Council Response (pdf 386KB) 
3 March     Minutes (pdf 166KB)     Council Response (pdf 855KB) 
5 May        Minutes (pdf 180KB)    Council Response (pdf 1.67MB)         
2 June       Minutes (pdf 226KB)     Council Response (pdf 837KB)   Further Response (pdf 10.02MB)
4 August
1 September
3 November
1 December
A free JP Service is offered after every meeting by prior appointment. Please contact the precinct via the contact details below.
Jason Young
Email: jasonandrewyoung@gmail.com
Website: www.pcclovelly.blogspot.com.au

Coogee Precinct

Coogee Senior Citizens Centre
97R Brook Street
Meeting dates for 2014:
20 January     Minutes (pdf 124KB)     Council Response (pdf 598KB) 
17 February   Agenda (pdf 92.4KB)    Minutes (pdf 104KB)     Council Response (pdf 375KB)
17 March      Agenda (pdf 98.3KB)     Minutes (pdf 122KB)     Council Response (pdf 639KB)    Further response (pdf 446KB)
19 May         Agenda (pdf 92KB)    Minutes (pdf 460KB)     Council Response (pdf 284KB)
16 June    Agenda (pdf 92.3KB)     Minutes (pdf 114KB)
21 July
18 August
15 September
20 October
17 November
15 December
Rona Wade - Secretary
Email: coogeeprecinct2034@gmail.com
Website: www.coogeeprecinct.com

Kensington West Kingsford Precinct

2nd Monday on set months, 7.15pm
Our Lady of the Rosary School hall
Kensington Road

Meetings dates for 2014:
10 February Minutes (pdf 316KB)     Council Response (pdf 601KB)
10 March  Minutes (pdf 299KB)     Council Response (pdf 601KB)
12 May   Minutes (pdf 379KB)
2 June    Minutes (pdf 351KB)  
11 August
8 September
10 November
The Secretary
Email: kwkp1465@gmail.com

La Perouse Precinct

First Monday of the month 7.00 pm  (except October: 13th Oct).
Prince Henry Centre
Eastern end of Pine Ave, Little Bay
Meeting dates for 2014:
3 February
3 March    Minutes (pdf 45.7KB)     Council response (pdf 285KB)
7 April    Minutes (pdf 43KB)    Council response (pdf 279KB
5 May
2 June
7 July
4 August
1 September
13 October
3 November (AGM)
1 December
Charles Abela
Phone: 02 9661 5182
Email: cabela@tpg.com.au

Malabar Precinct

7.30pm at the Malabar Memorial Hall (next to Malabar Library)
1203 Anzac Parade
Meeting dates for 2014:

13 March   Minutes (pdf 124.47KB)   Council response (pdf 287KB)
12 June   Minutes (pdf 116KB)    Council Response (pdf 305KB)
11 September
13 November (AGM)
Lilly Emilie Weekes
Phone: 02 9661 6829
Email: malabarprecinct@yahoo.com.au or wallybee@optusnet.com.au

Maroubra Beach Precinct

Meets on the fourth Monday of each month from 7.30pm.
Maroubra Surf Life Saving Club
Marine Parade

Meeting dates for 2014:
24 February   Minutes (pdf 213KB)    Council Response (pdf 3.41MB)
24 March   Minutes (pdf 110KB)   Council Response (pdf 3.41MB)
28 April   Minutes (pdf 119KB)  
26 May    Minutes (pdf 15.9KB)Council Response April & May (pdf 1.22MB)
23 June
28 July
25 August
22 September
27 October
24 November

The Secretary
PO Box 4207
Email:  maroubrabeachprecinct@gmail.com

Maroubra Central Precinct

1st Thursday of every month at 7.00pm
Vonnie Young Auditorium
First Floor
Bowen Library
669-673 Anzac Parade
Meeting dates for 2014:
6 February Agenda (pdf 51.9KB) Minutes (pdf 189.36KB)  
6 March Agenda (pdf 20.25KB)  Minutes (pdf 177.48KB)  Council Response (pdf 9.16MB)  Further Response (pdf 445.37KB)
3 April  Agenda (pdf 50.18KB)   Minutes (pdf 255KB)   Council Response (pdf 596.4KB)
1 MayAgenda (pdf 51.07KB)        Minutes (pdf 222KB )      Council Response (pdf 891KB)
5 June Agenda (pdf 52.8KB )     Minutes (pdf 207.93KB)   Council Response (pdf 3.8MB)    
3 July   Agenda (pdf 51.17KB) 
7 August
4 September
2 October
6 November
4 December
Sam Damianos - Chairperson
Email: maroubracentralprecinct@gmail.com

Matraville Precinct

2nd Monday of every month starting at 7.00pm
Matraville R.S.L
Norfolk Parade, Matraville

Meeting dates for 2014:
10 March  Agenda (pdf 192.09KB)     Minutes (pdf 362KB)
14 April    Minutes (pdf 288KB)
12 May    Agenda (pdf 366.2KB)   Minutes (pdf 306KB)   Council Response Mar, Apr, May (pdf 1.45MB) 
14 July   Agenda (pdf 120KB)
11 August
8 September
13 October
10 November
8 December
Sometimes the meeting dates for the Matraville precinct change. You can check the precinct website for more details.
Carlos Da Rocha.  Phone: 0419 204 056
Address: PO Box 99, Matraville NSW 2036
Email: matprecinct@gmail.com
Website: www.matraville.info
Facebook: Follow Matraville precinct on Facebook

Moverly Precinct

3rd Monday of each month, 7.30pm, except July.
South Coogee Bowling Club
Corner Moverly Road and Henning Avenue

Meeting dates for 2014:
17 February  Minutes (pdf 190.46KB)   Council Response (pdf 347.43KB)
17 March  Minutes (pdf 146.81KB)  Council Response (pdf 715.53KB)
14 April Minutes (pdf 178.25KB)   Council Response (pdf 2405.97KB) 
19 May   Minutes (pdf 141KB)  Council Response (pdf 433.8KB)  Further Response (pdf 671KB)
16 June
18 August
15 September
20 October
17 November
15 December
Jocelyn McGirr
Phone: 02 9315 5541
PO Box 347
Maroubra NSW 2035

Randwick Precinct

1st Wednesday of each month, 7.30pm
Malabar Room
Randwick Town Hall
Avoca Street, Randwick
Meeting dates for 2014:
5 February  Minutes (pdf 88.62KB)   Council Response (pdf 251.13KB)
5 March   Minutes (pdf 99.58KB)   Council Response (pdf 275.01KB)
2 April   Minutes (pdf 99.95KB)    Council Response (pdf 775.47KB)
7 May          Minutes (pdf 112KB)       Council Response (pdf 0.99MB)
4 June    Minutes (pdf 292KB)
2 July 
6 August
3 September
1 October
5 November
3 December
The Secretary
PO Box 1331
Randwick NSW 2031
Email: randwickprecinct@gmail.com
Facebook: Follow Randwick Precinct on Facebook


The Spot precinct 

The Spot Precinct is currently under the temporary joint management of both Randwick and Coogee Precincts - please view the Precinct Boundaries Map(pdf 1.8MB) to find which meeting to attend.