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Maroubra Senior Citizens Centre

6 Alma Road, Maroubra

  • Capacity: 50 people
  • Amenities: Kitchen with fridge/freezer, Microwave, oven (incl cooktop), Zip Boil (hot water), air-conditioner, 12 tables, 50 chairs & toilets
  • Disabled Access: Yes, no wheelchair accessible toilets.
  • Use: Dance groups, meetings, children's birthday parties
  • This is a non-alcohol venue.
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Hire Charges

All rates quoted per hour.
A bond charge of $350 (excl GST) will apply to both Private/Commercial Users and Non-Profit/Charity Users.

Monday to Friday 8am to 10pm
All prices are GST inclusive Total ($)
Private/Commercial Users  
Regular 28.10
Casual 40.55
Non-Profit/Charity Users  
Regular 17.70
Casual 22.90
Saturday to Sunday 8am to 9pm
  Total ($)
Private/Commercial Users  
Regular 40.55
Casual 50.95
Non-Profit/Charity Users  
Regular 22.90
Casual 34.35
Amendment Fee Total
1-5 booking amendments within one request 15.60
6-11 booking amendments within one request 31.20
11+ booking amendments within one request 41.60
Cancellation Fee Total
If cancelled within five (5) days of the reservation 41.60