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Gordon's Bay
Gordons Bay
Gordon's Bay is south of Clovelly Beach and north of Coogee Beach. Its secluded location is created by the deeply incised gully and sheer sandstone headlands. The reserve consists of a small beach at the head, some remnant heath land vegetation on the north side and a mix of exotic and native plant species on the south side. The site is surrounded by residential development with Dunningham Reserve on top of the southern headland and Clovelly Beach/Gordon's Bay car park on the northern headland.

Gordon's Bay is not patrolled by lifeguards.

Facilities and Coastal Walk

The main recreational facilities of the bay include the Eastern Beaches Coastal Walk, the Gordon's Bay Amateur Fishing Club, scuba diving activities and the underwater dive trail within the bay. It is also used for recreational activities such as jogging, relaxing, swimming and snorkelling.

The fishing club has a small clubhouse at the head of the bay. The beach is very small and contains timber boat racks and boats that provide the bay with a distinctive character.


Access to the reserve areas of the bay is limited to pedestrians via Major Street, Tower Street, Oak Street, Thorpe Street, Victory Street and Clovelly Beach/Gordon's Bay car park. Access to the beach is limited by the boats and boat racks.

Plan of Management

The Gordon's Bay Plan of Management details the existing environment, the history, heritage and recreational uses of the area, and outlines the management strategies and priorities for the bay. 

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