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Building and development
 image: "Dwelling House" 

Before you undertake any development or building works, you will need to determine what approvals are required.

Certain types of minor development may be carried out as Exempt or Complying Development. All other development will require a Development Application (DA) to be submitted to Council.

Unauthorised development, or using a premises without the required approvals is an offence, which can result in significant penalties.

For a step by step guide to getting approval for some common developments, please refer to Common building projects.

Randwick LEP and DCP

Randwick Local Environmental Plan (LEP) provides the main legal (or statutory) document for planning in Randwick City. It controls how land is used (via zones) and sets out provisions for how land can be developed. It also contains provisions to conserve Randwick's heritage and protect sensitive land. Find out more by visiting our Local Environmental Plan page.

A Development Control Plan (DCP) provides detailed planning and design guidance for new development, which supplements the provisions of Randwick Local Environment Plan (LEP) 2012. Find out more by visiting our Development Control Plan page.