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Planning strategies and controls

Local Planning framework

Proposals to build, demolish, alter or change the use of a building or land are all considered within a framework of planning strategies and controls.

Randwick's local planning framework consists of the following key elements: 

To view the Inventory of archived LEPs please click here.

To supplement Council's LEP and DCP, a number of Council may also be relevant to rezoning or development applications.

In addition, Randwick Council can provide information on zoning and planning controls via Section 149 Planning Certificates.

State Government Planning framework:

State Government strategies, policies and plans guide the future of Sydney and NSW which local Councils must address in their local plans. Key policies applicable in Randwick City are:

The Sydney Metropolitan Strategy is the State Government's key long term plan for Sydney's growth and change. See Sydney Metropolitan Strategy.

The NSW Government's Urban Activation Precincts (UAP) program includes two precincts within Randwick City (Randwick UAP and Anzac Parade South UAP). These areas are being investigated by the NSW Government for housing and employment growth. Further information on consultation and updates are available on the UAP website.

 NSW Government's Planning Reforms

The NSW Government released "A New Planning System for NSW - White Paper" together with draft Legislation for public comment from April to June 2013.

The White Paper reforms intend to transform NSW's Planning System. The  sets out proposed changes to community consultation, plan prepration, development assessment, infrastructure funding and building regulation.

Community Consultation Workshop

Council held an independently facilitated community consultation workshop in June 2013 to inform the community about key changes proposed and to obtain feedback to aid Council's submission and included community feedback from the consultation workshop.

Council's Submission

Council's extensive submission addressed key areas of proposed reform:

Next Steps

The draft Legislation is expected in the NSW Parliament this year.

For more information regarding the White Paper Reforms, contact the Department of Planning and Infrastructure on 1300 305 695 or newplanningsystem@planning.nsw.gov.au