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Randwick Local Environmental Plan (LEP) provides the main legal (or statutory) document for planning in Randwick City. It controls how land is used (via zones) and sets out provisions for how land can be developed. It also contains provisions to conserve Randwick's heritage and protect sensitive land.

An LEP comprises a written Instrument and a range of maps. It is made by Council, in consultation with the community, and approved by the NSW Minister for Planning, under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

New Randwick LEP 2012

Randwick LEP 2012 was gazetted on 1 February 2013 and formally commenced on 15 February 2013, replacing Randwick LEP 1998 (Consolidation). The LEP comprises:

Written document:


Note: All DAs lodged before 15 February 2013 (commencement of Randwick LEP 2012) are assessed under the previous LEP 1998 (Consolidation) and previous Development Control Plans.

Randwick LEP 2012  - proposed amendments (planning proposals)

Amendments to the LEP are made from time to time to rezone land or amend the Plan's provisions. Like the Plan itself, Amendments must be formally gazetted in the Government Gazette. There are currently no gazetted amendments. Draft amendments are listed below.

Number  Amendments Status Date Gazetted


Inglis Newmarket site - mixed use redevelopment. 

Planning Proposal to amend  Randwick LEP 2012 for the Inglis Newmarket site bounded by Barker, Jane, Young and Botany Streets, Randwick. Proposed rezoning for mixed density residential and neighbourhood business uses.


The Minister for Planning determined in Sept 2012 that the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) will act as the planning authority for this proposal.  

The Planning Proposal and supporting studies were on public exhibition from 27 March until 1 May 2013. Council's submission to the JRPP was reported to the Council meeting of 14 May 2013.

The JRPP held a public meeting on Thursday 24 October 2013 at Randwick City Council Chambers to enable the community to speak to the Panel prior to a decision.

The JRPP is currently considering the Planning Proposal and community feedback. For further information, see the JRPP website

See also detailed earlier background information in archived amendments. 


Royal Randwick Racecourse - Hotel Development.

Planning Proposal to amend  Randwick LEP 2012 to allow additional permitted uses on the Royal Randwick Racecourse being a hotel/motel and serviced apartments, with integrated conference and function facilities and ancillary bar and restaurant, in the 'spectator precinct' of the Racecourse site.

The Director General, Department of Planning is the relevant planning authority for this proposal.

Check the Department of Planning and Infrastructure website  for updates.

Archived LEPs

To view the Inventory of archived LEPs from 1998 - 2012 please click here