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DIY SAFE is a health and environmental information guide developed by NSW Health and the NSW Department of Environment and Conservation to help home renovators understand and implement safe work practices.

Asbestos is a potentially serious health hazard. If you think you may have asbestos on your property, please consult our Asbestos Policy (pdf 138kb) or contact us.

The NSW Fire Brigades website has important information about fire safety in your house.

Your building and renovations may:

Council's leaflet Are you thinking of building or renovating? (pdf 700kb) gives an overview of the approvals and certification process.

Exempt Development 

If your development meets the nominated criteria for exempt development, Council consent is not required.

Complying Development

If your development meets the nominated criteria for complying development,  a complying development certificate is required. A complying development certificate may be issued by Council's or an accredited certifier.

Development requiring a Development Application

All development proposals that do not meet the nominated criteria for exempt or complying development will require a development application.

If your proposal requires a development application and involves building work, you are required to:

  1. Submit a to Council
  2. Obtain Development Consent, subject to the application complying with relevant planning and environmental considerations
  3. Obtain a  from Council's or an accredited certifier
  4. Appoint a (either Council's Building Certification Services or an accredited certifier) and notify Council of the appointment
  5. Notify Council of the date when it is intended that works will commence
  6. Organise for the Principal Certifying Authority to inspect the construction works at specified stages; and
  7. Obtain an from the Principal Certifying Authority, before using the building.

Note: Steps 4 to 7 also apply to Complying Developments

Further information

You may contact us by phone or email, or come into our Customer Service Centre to discuss your proposal with our duty officer.