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Randwick City Council's special environmental levy funds our Sustaining our City program to carry out specific environmental improvements and sustainability initiatives.

For more information about the program download: 

Sustaining our City 5 Year Environmental Program Operational Plan - Outcome 10

Sustaining our City 5 Year Environmental Program

Operational Plan - Outcome 10.pdf


Summary of achievements State of the Environment

Summary of achievements.pdf

State of the Environment

The award-winning Sustaining Our City initiative continues to transform the City's approach to sustainability by carrying out a wide range of projects and programs to protect and improve the environment.

We all know that our environment is under more pressure than ever, facing issues such as climate change, water and energy conservation and the protection of fragile marine and coastal environments. The Sustaining Our City program, which started in October 2004, is a positive step towards making a real difference to environmental protection and sustainability in our community.

Funded by a special five-year environmental levy, equivalent to an average of 16 cents a day per ratepayer, Sustaining Our City has also attracted more than $3 million in additional funding from various Government departments to support Council's sustainability efforts.

What is sustainability?

Generally, a process is considered sustainable if it can be carried out now and into the future, while still preserving biodiversity and natural ecosystems.

Sustainability is difficult to achieve with an ever-increasing world population using the limited natural resources such as the water in our rivers, the fish in our oceans and the timber in our forests, as well as non-renewable energy resources such as oil and coal.

For all communities, the challenge of sustainability is to consider future generations in the decisions we make today: decisions which deplete natural resources or produce wastes beyond the regenerative capacity of the planet.