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Randwick City Council's trees are an important resource, particularly in our coastal areas where trees have to survive in a harsh and exposed environment.

If you would like to prune or remove a tree on your property, you may need to apply to Council for permission.

Some trees cannot be removed at all. In order to identify and recognise the importance of particularly significant trees in the Randwick landscape, to guide their management and to ensure their protection for future generations, Council has adopted a Significant Tree Register. This Register lists trees of significance growing on both public and private land.

Council has also adopted a Street Tree Masterplan for the entire Randwick City area. The Masterplan gives Council a means of managing its trees and covers tree planting, principles for tree rehabilitation, priorities for conversion of overhead powerlines and the phased removal and replacement of inappropriate tree species or trees nearing the end of their safe life expectancy.

In order to facilitate and co-ordinate the proper management of trees on both private and public property and to ensure that best practice tree care standards are complied with, Council has adopted a Tree Management Technical Manual

Community street tree planting project

Do you want to be involved in selecting the trees for your street? You can also take part in planting and maintaining those trees. Sign on to the Council's Community Street Tree Planting Project.

Adopt a street tree program

Want to do that little bit extra and contribute to helping solve the problems of climate change and global warming in a very practical way? Sign on to the Council's Adopt a Street Tree Program (pdf 2.28Mb).