A sense of community
Places for people
Looking after our environment
City Services
City Services
Technical Services
Infrastructure Services
Library Services
Transport Management
Des Renford Aquatic Centre
Waste and Cleaning Services

This Division looks after all the service provisions for the local community as well as the other stakeholders in our city. 

Delivering services related to:

  • civil infrastructure
  • roads
  • open space
  • drainage
  • signage
  • footpaths
  • waste management
  • graffiti
  • libraries
  • child care

With such a diversity of services provided by the Division, our staff's background, qualifications and motivation are also very diverse. Sizeable portions of the staff are also members of the local community.

We recognise that the Division has to demonstrate value for money and competitiveness.  Being competitive means being best in quality, customer service, cost and work practices.

In a nutshell, our mission is to provide quality services which are responsive to customer needs in an efficient manner.