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Randwick Presbyterian Church, Alison Road, Randwick

Designed by Sir John Sulman - erected 1889-1890. Interior design based on amphitheatre, renowned for acoustic qualities.

First Minister Rev. Dr Will Scott Frackelton (1885-1896).

On 17th November 1884 a meeting was held in the Randwick Town Hall to form a Randwick Parish.

The first act of worship took place in the Town Hall on 14th December, 1884 with Rev. Dr Robert Steel leading the morning service and Rev. J. S. Laing, Moderator of the NSW General Assembly taking the evening service.

Rev. Dr Will Scott Frackelton was inducted as the first parish minister on 23rd November 1885 at the Randwick Town Hall.

Sir John Sulman, the noted architect, offered to draw the plans for the church building. He promoted the idea of building churches more in keeping with Sydney's climate and lifestyle. The original plans envisaged a much larger building than was finally constructed. The classical revival style of the building was a departure from the recognised architecture of the day. Sulman originally planned twin towers to adorn the building but these were never added.

Construction of the church commenced in 1889 with the foundation stone being laid on 9th March 1889. The church was completed in 1890 and officially opened on 16th March 1890. The building and seating finally cost $5790.

The church received many gifts with possibly the most significant being the offer in 1902 to replace the original organ with the magnificent pipe organ still in use today.

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