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Struggletown Precinct, 15 Jane Street, Randwick

These cottages were built originally in 1850s and 1860s to accommodate workmen brought to Australia by Simeon and James Pearce. Layout and architecture is reminiscent of English village and is unique in this area.

Struggletown Precinct includes 4 hectares purchased in 1852 by Simeon Pearce and his brother James.

The Pearce brothers erected workers' dwellings in the area for their workers while the less fortunate lived in makeshift shanties, hence the name 'Struggletown'.

By the 1860s Struggletown was the centre of the local racing industry and stables were established throughout the area. Today this historic link with the past remains preserved as closely as possible to its original state while being compatible with modern living standards.

One building in the precinct, now a private home, worthy of note is the Jane Street Church, designed by H.M. Robinson, which was completed in 1887 as a mission hall for St Jude's Anglican Church in Randwick. The hall was built to serve the residents of Struggletown and from the time of the First World War until the 1940s was called St Faith's Church.

During the 1970s to mid 1980s the building housed the Jane Street Theatre.

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