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Kingsford Roundabout 1986

Kingsford Roundabout 1986

The suburb of Kingsford is located on the eastern boundary of Randwick City and is bounded by the suburb of Kensington and the University of NSW to the north, Coogee to the east and Maroubra to the south. The suburb includes the Bundock Street site formerly owned by the Department of Defence. The Kingsford town centre and areas to the east allow for medium to high density residential development and includes houses and townhouses up to multi storey apartments (many located above the commercial area). Close to 40 per cent of all private dwellings in Kingsford are flats, units or apartments. Housing in the south of the suburb is predominantly one and two storey single dwellings, many constructed in the boom housing period in the 1950s and 1960s. A number of areas still contain excellent examples of buildings representing the different periods in the growth of Kingsford.

Kingsford has a large commercial area (extending along Anzac Parade) which also incorporates multistorey apartments above. Council has a site specific Development Control Plan (DCP) (Kingsford Town Centre DCP) to establish design objectives and provide performance criteria for future development. This DCP was introduced in the early 1990s and will be reviewed by Council in the near future. The commercial centre of Kingsford is on the major bus service operating along Anzac Parade, these bus services are the only form of public transport available to the suburb.

The University of New South Wales strongly influences the demographic features of both Kingsford and Kensington. When compared with all other suburbs in Randwick City, these two suburbs have the highest proportions of young people aged 15 to 24 years; the highest proportions of persons speaking a language other than English; very high proportions of renters and high proportions of the population on a weekly income of $200 or less. These features may reflect the student population (including overseas students) living in the area and suggests that students may continue to live in the suburb, upon completing their studies.

History of Kingsford

South Kensington, later renamed Kingsford for aviator Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, boomed in the 1920s. The stables of Kensington Race Course had previously been located in the area, as well as pig and poultry farms. Following WWI streets were laid, houses built and 'shops cropped up like mushrooms'. It was declared 'the workingman's paradise'. In the 1940s Greek migrants were attracted to the area, particularly from the island of Castellorizo. By the 1990s Kingsford was a mixture of 1960s red brick bungalows and new mansions near the Australian Golf Course.

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