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Randwick's inventory of heritage items

The Randwick Council Heritage Inventory was published in 1989. It provides residents and historians with a list of more than 400 items with heritage significance which are listed as heritage items under the Randwick Local Environment Plan (LEP) 2012. The Heritage inventory contains black-and-white photos and a brief description of properties in the Randwick City area considered to have historical value and a statement of their heritage significance.

Heritage items: list by suburb

Following some changes to the Schedule of Heritage Items as part of LEP 2012, we are working on updating these Heritage Inventory Sheets. For a current list of heritage items and heritage conservation areas, please refer to the gazetted LEP Schedule 5 - Environmental Heritage Part 1 and Part 2 Heritage Conservation Areas

Heritage conservation areas

In addition to heritage items listed on the inventory, Randwick also has a number of heritage conservation areas:

State Heritage Register

To check properties in Randwick City which are listed on the State Heritage Register, you can search the online database (State Heritage Inventory) which is maintained by the Heritage Branch of the NSW Department of Planning.

To search for the Randwick heritage items:

  1. use the drop down arrow to select 'Randwick' in the Local Government Area field; then
  2. use the drop down arrow to select 'Heritage Act - State Heritage Register' in the Heritage Listings field.