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Maroubra Beach Hotel

The hotel was constructed mid to late 1926 on the northern corner of McKeon Street and Marine Parade, Maroubra. The 1927 Sands Directory lists the hotel with the occupier as G J Hammond. George Hammond is listed in the 1926 rates book as the owner of the land. The hotel changed hands within a year for the 1928 Sands Directory lists a R Wooton as the occupier.

The hotel was built on land reclaimed in 1920-21 for the tram line. This tram line went down McKeon Street before turning north into Marine Parade, so the hotel was on a prime location as regards the tram service which commenced in March 1921.

Prior to this reclamation, residential development was restricted to the northern headland area. This headland was filled, at first, with week-enders, but as the area became popular, permanent structures took over. Post World War I, the area was touted as a potential tourist destination. As well as the trams, a promenade (1924) and dressing sheds were constructed. The hotel came at a boom time. This is evident in photographs of the period.

The area declined slowly during the fifties, despite plans for a housing estate inland on the old Maroubra Speedway site. It is felt that the closure of the tram service in February, 1961 hastened the further decline of the area.

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