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The Bali memorial

The Bali Memorial Sculpture at Dolphins Point, Dunningham Reserve, Coogee Beach 

The Bali Memorial Sculpture at Dolphin Point, Dunningham Reserve, Coogee Beach

The memorial to the victims of the Bali bombing is dedicated to those killed and injured in the Bali terrorist attack, as a place of remembrance and reflection for the community and for all the families, friends and team mates affected by the tragedy.

The memorial was unveiled by NSW Premier Bob Carr on the first anniversary of the bombings, 12 October 2003. The Memorial is a focal point of the Dolphin Point site in Dunningham Reserve, Coogee Beach, which has been dedicated to the memory of the Bali bombing victims. The other elements on Dolphin Point are a plaque on the wall of the restored portico that summarises the tragic events and lists the names of the 20 victims from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and a plaque nearby explaining the significance of the naming of the headland Dolphin Point. These were unveiled by Premier Carr and Randwick Mayor Dominic Sullivan on 12 April 2003.

The memorial stands alone near the top of the Coogee headland in a circular paved area. The sculpture is made of bronze, coated with a burnished green-brown finish and able to withstand the harsh coastal environment.

The three linked figures in this sculpture signify family, friends and community. Bowed in sorrow and remembrance, they comfort, support and protect each other. The figures also symbolise life, growth, hope and our strength in unity. Individually, each figure could be easily toppled, but joined together they form a strong and supported whole structure.

The memorial sculpture is three linked cast bronze forms of similar shape but different sizes, which stands approximately four metres high overall. Each of the three organic forms has a stand or 'leg' and a loop or 'head' at the top, which leans inwards and joins the others by linking through each other 'head'. The sculpture weighs about one tonne. 

The sculptor is Sasha Reid, a sculptor who lives and works at Bronte. His work has won awards and has been shown in exhibitions overseas and in Australia, including Sculpture By The Sea in Sydney. His sculptures are also held in private and public collections in Australia and the United States.

The site chosen for the Bali memorial

Twenty victims of the Bali bombings lived in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs and surrounds, from Bondi to Malabar and across to Marrickville, or have strong affiliations through family, friends or sporting club involvement. This is more than one-fifth of all Australian victims of the tragedy.

Six of these were Coogee Dolphins A grade rugby league players. The Dolphins' home ground is Coogee Oval and their so-called clubhouse is the Beach Palace Hotel at the northern end of Coogee Beach.

Randwick City Council held the community commemorative ceremony for the Bali victims on 20 October 2002 at Coogee Oval. This ceremony was attended by more than 4,000 people.