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Council's rangers undertake a variety of services. For assistance from a ranger please contact us during business hours.  Outside business hours you will be referred to our after hours contact number.

Some of the matters we can assist with:

  • The management and control of dogs and cats in accordance with the Companion Animals Act 1998.
  • Educating children about responsible dog and cat ownership through our PetPep program.
  • Monitoring, patrolling and enforcing parking regulations in residential and commercial areas. Since 2002 NSW councils have been responsible for enforcing parking legislation, such as the Australian Road Rules, in their local area. The primary concern in enforcing parking restrictions is for public safety, as well as managing traffic flow and providing equitable access to available parking. Revenue raised by Council from parking enforcement is returned to the local community through the provision of local services. The level of penalties is set by the State Government.
  • Investigating reports of possibly abandoned vehicles under the Impounding Act 1993.
  • Monitoring the public areas adjacent to building sites and taking appropriate enforcement action under the Environmental Protection and Assessment Act.
  • Investigating pollution incidents in breach of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act on building sites.
  • Monitoring compliance of Council's local policies, such as outdoor dining and Tree Preservation Orders.
  • Enforcement of current water restrictions under the Sydney Water Act.