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Community Development

Council has developed and adopted a suite of social and community plans:

Randwick City Council is currently delivering on the actions identified in its suite of community related plans. The suite of plans describe the collection of tasks which needs to occur to provide the ideal conditions for growing a vibrant, compassionate and engaged community.

Its position within the Council's integrated planning framework ensures that the Randwick community's long term goals for the health and growth of its people are systematically addressed as part of the Council's day to day business. The same principles apply to other five to ten year plans aimed at supporting the local economy, protecting the natural environment and managing the urban environment.

The Council acknowledges that there are pockets of disadvantaged households, many of whom experience social isolation. The actions identified in the suite of four plans aim to improve the well being of its disadvantaged residents while at the same time creating opportunities for the City's residents to engage in a range of council funded or sponsored cultural activities.

A multi-pronged approach involving the provision of a safe urban environment, increasing affordable housing, and growing a socially inclusive and culturally engaged community, are important conditions for achieving the Council's vision of 'a sense of community'.

The suite of four community related plans and its place within the Council's integrated planning framework is a powerful and effective way of ensuring that the social needs and aspirations of our diverse community articulated in the Randwick City Plan are fulfilled.

The Community Development Team aims to address the needs of:

The Council also runs a Community Grants Program, and organises various Community Events.

As an additional service, Randwick City Council contributes information to the LINCS Community Information directory. LINCS is a comprehensive online resource for all of NSW.